Grand Story

In Grand Story, you are playing as an older lady living in a rural area. Apart from doing your daily routine, you are also waiting for a letter from a grandson. Use WASD for movement and “E” or mouse buttons for interactions. The game takes about ~15 minutes to complete.

Ragdoll Gangs

How to play? Player 1:Move: “W,A,S,D”Pick/Throw/Activate: “C”Punch: “V”Kick: “B”Run: “L-SHIFT” Player 2:Move: “ARROW KEYS”Pick/Throw/Activate: “I”Punch: “O”Kick: “P”Run: “R-SHIFT” Lock/Unlock cursor: “L”Pause: “P”


The ball rolls down faster and faster, but how far will it roll down the paths of a futuristic metropolis in this 3D runner? Let’s check it out in the Slope game! You will control the ball rolling down the slopes. Lovers of retro graphics will have a real pleasure trying to keep it from

Cartoon Strike

Sometimes it is unbearable to take a heavy machine gun and shoot from it in long bursts, enjoying the clicking of shell casings flying out, the whistle of bullets and the screams of defeated enemies. Of course, such a scenario is not at all suitable for real life, but how well the creators of online