The ball rolls down faster and faster, but how far will it roll down the paths of a futuristic metropolis in this 3D runner? Let’s check it out in the Slope game!

You will control the ball rolling down the slopes. Lovers of retro graphics will have a real pleasure trying to keep it from falling off the edge into the abyss.

And besides, on the way you can collect jewelry and buy even cooler balls with them. Take a look at what happens when a beach ball or basketball rushes down the slope, accelerating more and more and taking off from the trampolines in this skill game.

How to play Slope?
Slope is a well-known 3D game. Can your ball reach the finish line in every level of this exciting game? Collect jewels on your way down the slopes. They can be exchanged for other balls.

LEFT ARROW – take left.
RIGHT ARROW – take to the right.

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